Slashing CO2

Founded: 2019

HQ: London, UK

Squeezing more juice from batteries.

Big Picture

Batteries now power everything from smartphones to cars, ships, and planes. The more battery performance is maximized, the fewer costs incurred and resources used. New battery chemistries promise faster charging, longer lifespans, and greater safety, but can take decades to scale. Yet, software and firmware can deliver the same gains today with sophisticated battery modeling and optimization.

How it Works

Breathe uses physics-based tests and cutting-edge algorithms to design battery management software (BMS) tailored to any customer’s battery cells, modules and packs. Their BMS is the world’s first health adaptive battery software that optimizes battery use at every moment to deliver up to 50% faster charging, double the lifespan, and enhanced safety instantly, with zero physical change.

Unfair Advantage

Breathe delivers performance gains equal to chemistry breakthroughs without any additional space, weight, or materials. That means instant battery juicing without needing to develop, derisk, manufacture, or scale novel hardware. Their BMS is chemistry-agnostic, enabling integration with any existing or future battery design in a range of devices from smartphones to supercars.



longer battery life


Ian holds a PhD in Battery Engineering from Imperial College London focused on battery physics modeling and diagnostics.


Yan holds a PhD in Battery Engineering from Imperial College London focused on battery design, thermal controls, and modeling.

Breathe Battery Technologies bets that software will eat batteries too


How does our technology accelerate the electrification of everything?