A Fund for Planet Healing Technologies and Research

For centuries, human beings have been treating Earth like a rental. Carbon and methane pollution levels are deadly and still rising. The result is a climate emergency that is already killing countless thousands of people, displacing millions more, and sowing the seeds for famine, epidemic disease, and war.

Sadly, there is no global political will to meaningfully address this rapidly worsening disaster. Treaties like Paris mean well, but vastly underestimate the scale of the urgent crisis confronting us all today. It is encouraging to see green energy moving toward price parity with fossil fuels, and developments in agriculture, housing, and transportation give hope that a lighter carbon footprint is possible. Yet the reality is we don’t have the luxury of waiting for broad adoption. Something must be done right now.

Lowercarbon Capital funds research and invests in technologies to reduce CO2 emissions, remove carbon from the atmosphere, and actively cool the planet. For too long, the world has ignored the scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs who are pursuing solutions to save human, animal, and plant life as we know it. We are working to fix that.

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