Shuo Yang is a Partner at Lowercarbon Capital. A serial entrepreneur and Y Combinator alum, Shuo has founded and operated companies in both the United States and China. He will always be an entrepreneur at heart, and he brings a strong founders-first mentality to every aspect of his work as an investor.

Shuo’s obsession with startups is deeply personal, which he channels into an intense focus on the human element of building companies. From his own experiences leading early stage startups, he intimately knows how quickly a business plan can change. About the only thing that stays constant in early companies is the team, and thus Shuo loves helping founders discover and hone their superpowers. This is particularly vital in climate tech where the stakes couldn’t be higher. Helping founders learn and succeed quicker could have a direct and measurable impact on Earth’s climate systems. Just as important is helping them shoulder the immense burden of this work that at times can be overwhelming. Shuo is passionate about helping founders balance this tension between personal wellbeing and professional success in the course of building companies to help the planet thrive.

His obsession with climate is just as deeply felt. Growing up, Shuo lived out sustainability. It was about a lot more than just conserving water or saving electricity. Sustainability was how he could help his family make sure there was money left at the end of the month for rent. Against this backdrop of scarcity, Shuo fell in love with technology and its promise of sustainable abundance for all. The experience of making more with less also taught him to recognize that ordinary people have the potential to do improbable things – a key insight in our line of work.

Shuo loves working with his hands, whether it’s crafting furniture, building cars, or just working in the garden. He digs building LEGO castles and is physiologically unable to pump the brakes when buying books. Shuo has two energetic little boys, two friendly cats, and is always working on how to be a better husband and father.


Shuo Yang