Slashing CO2

Founded: 2019

HQ: San Francisco, CA

Carbon rehab for your business.

Big Picture

In the last few years alone, tens of thousands of press releases have been issued by businesses, industry groups, countries, states, and cities touting net-zero commitments – promises that now cover more than 70% of global emissions and a giant chunk of the global economy. But for every net-zero pledge and corporate press release, there is an exec having night sweats about how to strip fossil fuels out of their operations and supply chain. Watershed is the platform that helps them rest easy. 

How it Works

Plug in your existing financing and operational data, and Watershed spits out reports showing exactly how much carbon your company emitted, from your direct operations to deep in your supply chain. But, taking a measure of the problem is only step one. Their marketplace of clean energy and other low-carbon products then helps companies directly reduce emissions today. And, for the emissions that can’t be wiped out overnight, they give their customers one-click access to the highest quality supply of carbon removal. 

Unfair Advantage

Watershed has grown into the global leader in carbon accounting, serving the largest banks and financial institutions alongside retailers, food distributors, and manufacturers. They solve an urgent problem for C-suites around the world who need answers not only for their climate-minded customers but also for the growing cast of regulators like the Securities and Exchange Commission and European Banking Authority who are starting to mandate climate disclosures.


trillion dollars

of assets have a net-zero target


Christian previously led multiple engineering and product teams for Stripe. He holds a BS and MS in Math and Physics from Harvard.


Taylor previously built new products at Stripe, Square, and Facebook. He holds a degree in Public and International Affairs from Princeton.

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