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Founded: 2021

HQ: Denver, CO

One-stop-shop to electrify your home.

Big Idea

Seventy million U.S. homes burn fossil fuels on-site for space and water heating, spewing out 300 MtCO2e annually—nearly 5% of all US emissions. Home electrification, coupled with grid decarbonization, will be crucial to getting the US to net-zero. The tech exists today, and data shows that electrified homes aren’t just cheaper, they’re also healthier too. Yet today, installation is painful for even the most die-hard HVAC nerds.

How it Works

Helio makes it dead simple for homeowners to transition from fossil fuels and fully electrify their homes. Customers enter their home’s specs and location using Helio’s online platform, which uses multiple data sources to design the simplest, most cost-effective path to whole-home electrification. Helio then fully takes care of installation, saving homeowners both their wallets and their backs.

Unfair Advantage

Helio’s team of seasoned veterans in clean energy and home electrification have built a platform that streamlines a grueling piecemeal process involving dozens of parties. Throw in the ability to pay for electrification-as-a-service with zero down financing and the raft of federal and state rebates (including incentives for whole-home retrofits), and going fully electric becomes a no-brainer.


Megatons CO2e

potentially avoided annually by US home electrification


Eric was one of the first 200 employees at Sunrun, where he left as Senior Director of Software Product Management.


Jennifer is an experienced tech and product executive, most recently as the Chief Innovation Officer of clean energy software company Uplight.

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