Duncan is an Associate at Lowercarbon Capital, where he provides support and analysis on all things carbon removal and waste management. Whether running mass and energy balances or helping founders source conveyor belts, he’s obsessed with scaling solutions to get us back toward 280ppm.

Prior to joining Lowercarbon, Duncan built and operated infrastructure across the waste management industry. He started his career at Pawnee Waste, where he scaled the company's treatment and disposal process from single-digit tons to thousands of tons per day. With early stage company experience in hand (and more than enough head-to-toe showers in drilling mud), he went to waste giant Waste Management, where he developed facilities across the Pacific Northwest, including one of the largest landfills in the country.

Handling millions of tons of waste sparked Duncan’s passion for carbon removal and the multibillion-ton atmospheric waste cleanup that will be needed to avert permanent climate disaster. His hands-on experience with heavy industry, from multimillion-yard excavation projects, to rail infrastructure, to methane gas drilling and collection, has prepared him to tackle meaningful decarbonization and gigaton-scale carbon removal.

Originally from Colorado, Duncan is now based in San Francisco. He holds his B.S. in Chemical and Biological Engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder. In his off-time, you’ll find him hucking cliffs, riding trails, or getting lost in the wilderness.


Duncan Carlson