Our track record is clear: Founders keep choosing us.

We back the world’s most brilliant founders and work our asses off to make their companies more valuable.

In addition to investors, they introduced us to high-caliber candidates, Fortune 500 customers, and reporters, which only increased the flywheel of success for Pachama. Further, the absurdly smart team they built at Lowercarbon has always been available for brainstorming ideas and providing strategic feedback, which has been super helpful in our execution. As if all of that wasn’t enough, I have felt their personal friendship and support which is key to enduring the challenges on the journey of building a generational company in these turbulent times. True story: when my house burnt down in the 2020 California wildfires, Chris reached out immediately offering me to stay at his house for as long as needed. If that’s not a f*cking *angel* investor, I don’t know what is.

Diego Saez-Gil, Co-Founder and CEO of Pachama, AI-verified forest carbon market

Lowercarbon doesn’t just provide cash; they’re partners in product and purpose. They have quickened Sublime’s progress by providing business connections, by sourcing talent, and by providing intel to help us see around corners. They are a lean, whip-smart team that gives fast, thoughtful, and direct feedback. They’re the first people I ask for advice. They don’t waste time or get in the way. I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else.

Leah Ellis, Co-Founder and CEO of Sublime, Cheap zero-carbon cement

The Lowercarbon team will do whatever it takes to support their portfolio, from the inception of an idea to the national launch of a product. It’s clear their passion and experience as climate investors are equally matched with their ability to hustle and push to get the best out of and for the teams they invest in. Harry and I are deeply appreciative of Clay and Chris for enabling us to build this breakthrough business.

Matt Rogers, Co-Founder and CEO of Mill and Co-founder of Nest

Lowercarbon are company-builders. They understand the activities that add to enterprise value, and avoid activities that do not. From fair, straightforward equity negotiations to concise, impactful ongoing governance they have been a business partner. They are bold and courageous, and expect their company leaders to be the same.

Bill Brady, CEO of Kula Bio, Carbon-negative microbial fertilizer

In my two prior experiences as an entrepreneur, I’ve worked with some of the world’s largest tech VC funds and have the highest respect for how Lowercarbon operates. They are mature, high-conviction, and no-nonsense investors who really “get it.” For us at SolarSquare, having investor-founder alignment was key, and Clay has always asked the right questions and then backed us with full conviction. He is incredibly thoughtful, smart, and understands our space. We’ve always felt the Lowercarbon folks are women and men on a mission, and they work with a great sense of purpose and speed that climate tech companies need.

Shreya Mishra, CEO of Solar Square, Solarizing Indian rooftops

Having raised $200m+ from dozens of VCs over the last decade, I felt Lowercarbon was the obvious choice when I made my personal pivot into climate change. When I was raising the seed round for Safi, they were the only VCs who truly understood the scale of our vision—and have been a joy to work with so far. For Isometric, they helped me iterate on my thesis, connected me to my Head of Science, and introduced me to key clients—all before they offered me a term sheet.

Eamon Jubbawy, Founder and CEO of Isometric, Carbon removal referees

I wanted Lowercarbon to lead our Series B because of their experience in backing founders to build category-defining companies with global impact. Working with the Lowercarbon team has been amazing for aggressively going after a big vision. They’ve built an awesome community of founders seeking that high-energy and well-calibrated support. 

Dave Snydacker, Founder and CEO of Lilac, Clean, fast, cheap lithium mining

From our pre-seed to our Series A, Lowercarbon has been more than an investor; they are fellow climate warriors. They stand at the front lines, fighting alongside us for a net-zero future, from helping us defend our vision against baseless critiques in the media to discussing techno-economic analyses on late night calls. Their unparalleled network, spanning industry connections to meetings with global leaders, has been instrumental in shaping the market we needed to succeed.

Maddie Hall, Co-Founder and CEO of Living Carbon, Carbon-guzzling super trees

Watershed has loved partnering with Lowercarbon. The climate space is growing in leaps and bounds, and Lowercarbon’s help has been invaluable to us in staying current. They bring a unique blend of long-standing experience and relationships, combined with an up-to-the-minute understanding of the landscape. They’ve helped us on topics ranging from recruiting, to partnership, to product roadmap, and we’re excited for the continued work together in the years ahead.

Christian Anderson, Co-Founder and CEO of Watershed, Carbon rehab for your business

Lowercarbon has consistently shown up to help Arbor when we need them most. They have made countless introductions to investors, key advisors, customers, and strategic partners while always being available to discuss strategy or offer letters of support. As a founder, it provides me so much solace knowing that Lowercarbon is championing our company, mission, and team at the top of the hill to everyone they meet. They are our biggest supporters and they are in it for the long haul.

Brad Hartwig, Co-Founder and CEO of Arbor, Jet-powered biomass reactor

The Lowercarbon team has been by our side since the beginning of Artyc: from making introductions to potential customers to chatting with prospective new hires, and everything in between. Shuo will pick up the phone morning or night to answer questions, champion our company, and support my cofounder and me as founders and as people. I’m thrilled to have them as a partner in Artyc.

Hannah Sieber, Co-Founder and CEO of Artyc, Iceberg-saving cold chain

Lowercarbon is the real deal. I had high hopes for working with them and they’ve surpassed them all. They are incredibly smart, responsive, connected, supportive, and genuinely kind. They were the first investors I heard from after the SVB collapse, making it clear they were supporting their companies even when the damage was unknown. They were also my best sounding board and most helpful partner when it came time to raise our next funding round. I couldn’t imagine a better firm to have in your corner.

Paul Lambert, Co-Founder and CEO of Quilt, Really cool heat pumps

Clay and Lowercarbon have been valuable partners and friends to Verdox since our early days, providing guidance and support and challenging us in a wide range of areas including our technology, messaging, and branding. The firm has a very strong network and deal flow that benefits us broadly and not always in obvious ways. That’s why when I meet a climate founder just getting started I send them Lowercarbon’s way.

Brian Baynes, Co-Founder and CEO of Verdox, Electro-swing CO2 capture

Lowercarbon have been a high conviction and supported us across all of the fundamentals. I’ve especially valued them as a sparring partner when making important decisions about the direction of the business. Their introductions to customers and partners as well as talent across the globe have been extremely valuable.

Rishi Stocker, Co-Founder and CEO of Safi, Recycled plastics are big business

For our seed raise, we were lucky enough to be in a position to take the time and choose the lead we wanted to work with. We sought advice from other founders, advisors, and industry leaders about who would be the best partner to build and scale a large technology-based climate venture. The name that came back the most was Lowercarbon. What really struck our team was how fast they grasped the potential but also the challenges of our innovation – and how valuable their advice was on both highly technical and highly strategic topics. This combination is, I find, quite unique to their team in the VC ecosystem and that is why we chose to work with them as our lead. 

Since they led our seed round, we have been amazed by their continued advice and the ecosystem of founders and industry experts they have created around them, and we sincerely appreciate being part of it. Their team provides very impactful guidance and hands-on help during our formal check-ins or spontaneous discussions. I would strongly recommend Lowercarbon as a top-choice partner to any climate tech founder and would personally love to have them play a growing role in our venture as it scales.

Sarah Lamaison, Co-Founder and CEO of Dioxycle, CO2 reborn as fuel

The team at Lowercarbon is a rare mix of visionary, analytical, generous, and no bullshit. They were investors in my last company from beginning to exit. And, it is my great fortune to call them partners as we build Crux to drive hundreds of billions into clean energy and decarbonization.

Alfred Johnson, Co-founder and CEO of Crux, Unlocking the IRA’s trillions

Since before I even incorporated Remora, Lowercarbon has been hands down our most hands-on investor, from the earliest days in the garage through the very hardest moments in our growth. They’ve helped with everything large and small, from getting us signoff from the Department of Transportation and introducing us to the highest levels of government, to line editing our website copy and texting other investors at all hours to get a round closed. Somehow, they’ve managed to do the same for dozens of other companies, assembling one of the strongest climate tech cohorts in the business.

Paul Gross, Co-Founder and CEO of Remora, Big rigs, tiny footprints

We chose to partner with Chris Sacca, Clea Kolster, Clay Dumas, and the rest of the Lowercarbon Capital team because we love their conviction for doing what it takes to make this world better, no matter the technology depth or the height of the mountain. We believe it gives our customers, and the planet, the best possible chance.

Ian Campbell, Co-Founder and CEO of Breathe Battery Technologies, Super juicing batteries