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Founded: 2019

HQ: Washington, DC

Cultivate funding and support for research into sunlight reflection over the next decade

Big Picture

At the current rate of funding, humanity will not be in a position ten years from now to know whether brightening clouds, deploying aerosols, or other forms of solar radiation management (SRM) are viable options to combat heat stress and buy time for the planet to lower emissions and remove carbon. 

How it Works

SilverLining’s mission is to promote research that answers key questions on the potential and feasibility of sunlight reflection within the next decade. Silverlining is securing public and private funding to accelerate research and place these interventions on the national climate agenda.

Unfair Advantage

SilverLining is developing meaningful relationships with relevant teams at the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Department of Energy, and elsewhere in an effort to secure research funding for sunlight reflection. Those efforts are paying off. NAS is preparing a survey report on sunlight reflection and it looks as if significant funds will be given.


Kelly is the Executive Director of SilverLining. She holds a BA from Boston University and studied Politics and Economics at Oxford University.

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