Sucking up CO2

Founded: 2020

HQ: San Francisco, CA

Injecting data and science into carbon removal

Big Picture 

The nearly 2.5 trillion tons of cumulative CO2 emitted since the Industrial Revolution have locked us into a hot future. This would be true even if every new watt of electricity we installed was emissions-free. It’s now not enough to reduce future emissions. We have to also remove a bunch of carbon we dumped in the past. A dizzying array of natural and technological approaches to do so are now taking shape.

How it Works

CarbonPlan is a non-profit that aggregates and analyzes the best available data and science on various carbon removal opportunities. They help organizations make scientifically grounded decisions toward their carbon removal goals. And they work collaboratively to build open tools and resources for the evaluation and deployment of the range of strategies and technologies to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Unfair Advantage

CarbonPlan’s team boasts prodiguos expertise and experience in open science, climate change science, and climate policy. They also work closely with a stellar group of collaborators to develop their methods and ensure their work is grounded in the best available science and data. Their focus on transparency and quality is moving the goal post on carbon removal science and decisions-making.


Jeremy was previously the Director of Computational Biology and employee #2 at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. He holds a PhD in neural science from New York University. 

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Danny is an energy economist, lawyer, lecturer at Stanford Law School, and member of the independent advisory committee on California’s cap-and-trade program. He holds a JD and PhD from Stanford University.

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