Sucking up CO2

Founded: 2017

HQ: Washington, DC

Research center for a new carbon economy

Big Picture 

Humans have fundamentally disrupted the natural carbon cycle by moving trillions of tons of carbon from the ground into the atmosphere and oceans. While many focus on reducing carbon emissions, catastrophe can only be avoided if we also start removing carbon that’s already up in the atmosphere. To do so will require major advances in technology, policy, research, and consumer awareness. 

How it Works

Carbon180 brings together companies, national labs, research universities, and NGOs to advance policy and technology to suck up trillions of tons of CO2. Central to this effort is turning carbon, which we usually think of as a form of pollution, into a valuable feedstock for major industries from apparel to chemicals. Carbon180 advocate for the policies to do this at the federal and state level. 

Unfair Advantage

In the space of just a few years Carbon180 has become central to the movement for carbon removal. Along the way they have won important regulatory victories, and have helped to make the concept of carbon removal a central pillar of progressive climate strategy.  The result will be transforming carbon from a liability into an asset, creating incentives to measure and capture it, rather than freely pollute it. 


As executive director, Erin guides the team and work as they think big to tackle the climate crisis. She previously worked at Third Way and as a legislative assistant in the Senate.

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Giana is the co-founder and policy director, turning ideas into action and driving the team’s policy strategy. In all of her work, Giana is focused on connecting economic development, social justice, and climate action.

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As co-founder and president, Noah keeps organizational excellence on point while championing carbon removal solutions. He previously worked on environmental markets modeling, clean energy financing, and energy management program design.


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