Slashing CO2

Founded: 2018

HQ: Salt Lake City, UT

Big magma energy.

Big Picture

Earth’s core contains enough heat to supply global energy needs for 2 million years. Yet, tapping the ball of magma we live on for 24×7 clean energy has long been risky and costly. Striking the right mix of heat, permeability, and fluid flow is so tough that to date most site discovery has been by accident or by obvious surface features. And at $5m per well and >50% failure rate, imprecise drilling quickly racks up project costs. 

How it Works

Zanskar’s proprietary suite of subsurface imaging tools combines machine learning, acoustic imaging, and seismic imaging with sensors repurposed from the oil and gas industry. While other more costly approaches dig deep enough until heat is hopefully found, Zanskar can efficiently identify and unlock the more than 40 GW of untapped geothermal potential in the US much closer to the surface. 

Unfair Advantage

Zanskar is 5x better at identifying key subsurface geothermal characteristics, which translates into 50-66% capex reduction for project developers. Their precise subsurface vision halves the failure rate and drops drilling costs to $2m per well. Their suite of tools can be used for failing wells (repower), new wells at existing sites (brownfield), and new wells at new sites (greenfield). 


% capex reduction

for geothermal project development


Carl is an exploration geologist with a background in plate tectonic interaction, natural resource distributions, and basin-scale hydrocarbon exploration. His industry experience includes working with Shell and Trilogy Metals. He is an NSF Graduate Research Fellow and holds a PhD in Geological Sciences from Stanford University with fieldwork experience in six states and three countries.


Joel is a geophysicist with a background in subsurface imaging and geothermal exploration. His industry experience includes working with Raser Technologies (now Cyrq Energy) in Utah, BM Geothermal in Turkey, US Geothermal in Oregon, and the Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy in Nevada. He holds a PhD in Earth and Planetary Sciences from UC Santa Cruz.

Zanskar – Big Data Meets Geothermal Exploration