Sucking up CO2

Founded: 2019

HQ: Boston, MA

Electro-swing CO2 capture.

Big Picture

Most commercial carbon capture requires high concentrations of CO2 for the physics to pencil out. Novel approaches can capture ambient CO2 that makes up just 0.04% of air, but require a lot of energy, heat, or pressure to do so. Verdox is pioneering a low-energy approach to convert gas at virtually any concentration of CO2 into pure streams without any thermal, pressure, or chemical inputs. Just add electricity.

How it Works

Verdox’s system functions as a battery, absorbing CO2 when electrically charged and releasing it when discharged. The battery’s electrodes have a binary electrochemical affinity for carbon dioxide. When gas and electricity are fed into the system, CO2 molecules at any concentration are captured. Turn the power off and the electrodes release those same molecules as a pure stream of carbon dioxide.

Unfair Advantage

With gas and electricity as its only inputs, Verdox’s system slashes the energy- and cost-intensity of carbon capture by an order of magnitude. The simplicity of their design lends itself to large-scale manufacturing with standard chemical processing methods as well as previously unimaginable form factors for carbon captured in everything from factories floors to office spaces to classrooms.


More energy efficient

than conventional carbon capture


Brian previously founded Midori, Petri Bio, Kaleido Biosciences, Celexion, and Codon Devices. He holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from MIT.

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