Slashing CO2

Founded: 2021

HQ: New York, NY

Clean foods, irresistible brands.

Big Picture

Rapid innovations in cellular ag and precision fermentation are charting future food systems that are better for animals, people, and the planet. Yet, going from labs to store shelves and pantries is a different task. Replacing beloved staples with alternatives that don’t sacrifice quality, ethics, or sustainability also requires crafting products,  stories, and brands that are straight-up cooler than the junk on the shelves today.

How it Works

Tomorrow Farms partners with future food companies to build irresistible brands. Companies cook up delightful ingredients and Tomorrow Farms handles the commercialization and branding needed to dominate the pantry aisle. They’ve teamed up with Perfect Day to reinvent childhood favorites: vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate milk with 100% dairy milk, minus the lactose, excess sugar, and factory farming. 

Unfair Advantage

Tomorrow Farms injects skillful storytelling and brilliant brand-building into a conversation that’s been too mired in shame, guilt, and sacrifice. Their partnerships let food wizards focus on scaling their science and the consumer clairvoyants focus on building movements. And when the guiltiest pleasures are made animal-free without compromising on taste, texture, or nutrition, the stories write practically write themselves.


percent real dairy protein

entirely animal-free


Ben is a repeat food founder having built Mainely Burger and Good Pizza. He previously worked at Amazon and Deloitte, and holds an MBA from Wharton.


As Director of Operations at Harry’s, Richard transformed the men’s personal care brand into a next-gen CPG company. Richard graduated with a degree in economics from Wharton.

Tomorrow Farms wants to revamp the pantry


Animal-free dairy milk is almost here!

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