Slashing CO2

Founded: 2015

HQ: Mumbai, India

Solarizing Indian rooftops.

Big Picture

India is set to add a quarter billion people in the next two decades, snagging the top spot from China. Along the way, it is projected to double its building stock. With rapid growth and rising incomes, energy demand could soar up to 6x. Supplying this power will require adding EU-sized capacity to the world’s third-largest grid. And while utility-scale renewables are taking-off, less than 1% of Indian rooftops are solarized because installation remains maddeningly bespoke, complex, and slow.

How it Works

Solar Square makes rooftop solar adoption dead simple and dirt cheap for Indian households. As the country’s first branded aggregator, Solar Square is the consumer-facing node among a complex web of endless OEMs, local installers, and financiers. With just a few clicks, households input their roof specs and Solar Square takes care of everything from permits to installation to maintenance. Installation can happen in one day just as easily as getting an air conditioner installed.

Unfair Advantage

Solar Square’s obsession with customer service has catapulted them to become one of India’s top rooftop solar developers with a footprint across 16 states. Their success reflects a mastery of the mechanics of installing and financing rooftop solar, with the brand and marketing sensibilities of building consumer technology. As they enter new states across India, they’re becoming the go-to brand for rooftop solar.


Dollars saved

per dollar invested in rooftop solar


Shreya previously founded Flyrobe, India’s largest B2C apparel rental platform. She holds an engineering degree from IIT-Bombay.


Neeraj previously worked in private equity and M&A at Deutsche Bank. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT-Bombay. 


Nikhil held a number of engineering and managerial roles across Panasonic, Tech Mahindra, and CanvasM technologies.

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