Slashing CO2

Founded: 2022

HQ: San Francisco, CA

Really cool heat pumps.

Big Picture

Heat pumps are no longer just for comfort. In heat waves and cold snaps, they’re lifelines. A few billion will be installed as extreme weather grows more frequent. That’s great news for public safety, but most devices are insanely power-hungry and inefficient. A heat pump boom could strain grids, supercharge emissions, and cost trillions in infrastructure and power bills. The most efficient systems also need to be the most appealing.

How it Works

Quilt transforms the customer experience of heat pumps from purchase to aesthetics to use. Input a few details about your home, and Quilt assesses its needs, recommends a system with rebates and incentives, and connects you to a trusted installer. The sleek design looks closer to art than AC unit, and its advanced thermal modeling and meshing unlock seamless room-by-room comfort that’s all-electric and zero-emissions. 

Unfair Advantage

With an e-commerce-like checkout, a super low lift install experience, and the sexiest heat pump ever adorned on a wall, Quilt makes the most efficient system the most no-brainer purchase. The products blend cutting-edge hardware and software to provide homes with the precision comfort of central heating and cooling systems but at a fraction of the sticker price, installation hassle, and energy bills.


Percent lower energy bills

than central heating and cooling systems


Paul is a repeat founder-CEO. He was previously a Partner at Google’s Area 120, a Product Manager working on AI, and the Founder/CEO of Learndot, an education platform.


Bill spent 15 years in product and marketing at Google, most recently leading energy efficiency technology for Google’s $100B+ real estate portfolio.


Matt built his career at the intersection of hardware and software, most recently as an engineering lead for the [X] moonshot projects Tidal and Project Loon.

Moving beyond fire


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