Slashing CO2

Founded: 2021

HQ: Copenhagen, Denmark

Heat pumps in a jiff.

Big Picture

Residential heating accounts for over 12% of the EU’s CO2 emissions. Meanwhile, recent geopolitical instability has made residential home heating not only a climate issue but an economic and energy security one as well. Heat pumps offer a path away from natural gas dependency, but today the market is fragmented and archaic, with little connectivity between upstream lead generation and installation.

How it Works

Lun is creating a digital layer to streamline heat pump installation and financing. They make the process seamless for all parties involved-from, managing leads from utilities and financiers to converting leads and estimating costs for customers, to providing suppliers, plumbers & installers the tech stack they need to get installations done as efficiently as possible, all while benefiting from a take rate along the way.

Unfair Advantage

Lun has an intimate understanding of and is positioned to move quickly in several EU markets that are making aggressive policy pushes toward home heating electrification. Over time, their platform will amass comprehensive, hard-to-replicate data on the European housing stock allowing them to enhance cost & risk estimation and easily upsell other retrofit products.


tons of CO2e

avoided per year with each heat pump


Before Lun, Martin was COO at an energy tech company and is one of the leading voices on climate change in Denmark.


Anders is a 3rd-time founder, having previously founded and led operations and strategy of insurtech startup 

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