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Insanely high-torque electric motors.

Big Picture

Close to half of the planet’s electricity passes through an electric motor, a share growing rapidly as the world electrifies. Assembling these motors is key to decarbonization, but their sheer scale also means that producing them is resource-intensive, especially as they are typically reliant on expensive and hard-to-source minerals such as rare earth metals. More efficient, cleaner motors can accelerate decarbonization. 

How it Works

Linear Labs is building the HET motor, which produces high torque without a gearbox. Their permanent-magnet architecture results in a machine that produces twice as much torque as induction or flux design motors of the same size. Early applications such as scooters and HVAC see large gains. Those will be even greater for EVs which will have no gearbox, lower voltage, and yet greater range. 

Unfair Advantage

Achieving high torque without a gearbox is the promised land of electric motor design. The HET motor achieves this because its architecture harnesses all magnetic and electrical fields in torque production. Eliminating end windings also reduces copper by up to 30%. The result is a cheaper, more powerful motor whose integration into other products can help them win their categories. 


Percent increase

in average motor efficiency


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