Slashing CO2

Founded: 2016

HQ: Oakland, CA

Ion exchange beads for high-purity lithium extraction.

Big Picture

The rapid growth of electric vehicles is expected to drive lithium demand up 6x in the next decade alone. Yet today, lithium mining is slow, expensive, and geographically constrained with the added downside of being environmentally destructive. To avoid shortages that slow the deployment of EVs, we need to unlock plenty of new supply. Bonus points if it can be done with less water and energy.

How it Works

Lilac’s ion exchange beads extract lithium from low-concentration brines without evaporation ponds. Using these specially-designed ceramic beads, they can recover high-purity lithium cheaper, faster, and with 99% less water use than conventional extraction methods. Their modular extraction device also operates at ambient temperature and pressure, reducing process CO2 emissions along with opex. 

Unfair Advantage

Compared with conventional lithium extraction processes, Lilac’s technology is 5000x faster and recovers 2x more resources at a 50% lower cost. Factor in Lilac’s IP that enables the extraction of resources inaccessible by today’s conventional extraction processes, and they are uniquely positioned to vertically integrate, putting them on a course to be the world’s largest lithium producer within a decade.


Gigatons of CO2

potentially avoided per year by 2030


Dave is a materials engineer and expert in battery technology. He holds a PhD from Northwestern University.

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