Sucking up CO2

Founded: 2022

HQ: London, UK

Carbon removal referees.

Big Picture

The offset market is broken. Many credits do little to cool the planet and can do more harm than good. The rise of carbon removal (CDR) is an opportunity to build a new market rooted in durability and additionality: where credits bought truly pay to pull carbon from the atmosphere and store it away for good. Proving both requires a third party that’s credible, transparent, and free from conflicting incentives.

How it Works

Isometric is a carbon removal registry and science platform. Buyers of carbon removal pay Isometric to validate the delivery of carbon removal they’ve purchased, which is verified through a combined suite of sensors, audits, and physical inspections, all at the forefront of the latest science. As carbon removal is delivered, it’s reflected in real-time in a public registry, eliminating the risk of double-counting.

Unfair Advantage

Focusing solely on CDR sidesteps the counterfactual risk that undermines additionality claims in traditional carbon markets (unlike forests, a direct air capture plant’s only raison d’être is to suck carbon). A buyer-funded business model avoids any perverse incentive to over-credit. The team also combines battle-hardened builders from digital verification with a core science team that has validated a range of CDR approaches.



potential CDR market size by 2050


Eamon was previously co-founder and COO of Onfido, an AI-based identity and verification provider which he scaled to over $100m in revenue. Eamon also founded recycling technology company Safi.


Elizabeth holds a PhD in Geochemistry from Columbia Univeristy and a Postdoc from MIT. She was previously an ARPA-E Fellow.

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