Slashing CO2

Founded: 2021

HQ: London, UK

Borrow your neighbor’s solar power.

Big Picture

Corporate demand for clean energy outpaces the grid’s ability to supply it. For many, the answer could come from roofs rather than wires. Roof-top solar power can cut power bills and carbon footprints of commercial and industrial buildings but is hamstrung by soft costs. Moreover, there’s often a supply & demand mismatch: customers with the biggest rooftops often use the least energy, and vice versa.

How it Works

InRange decarbonizes building energy demand through a renewable energy marketplace. Their platform identifies viable rooftop solar sites near industrial energy loads and connects the two. Users gain access to cheap, clean energy close by while building owners gain a seamless installation experience that unlocks profit sharing, higher property values, and a portion of the clean energy generated.

Unfair Advantage

By eliminating installation, permitting, and other soft costs for C&I customers, InRange brings the price and scale of distributed energy resources far closer to that of utility-scale renewable energy. The platform benefits from network effects as the clean energy supplied grows cheaper and more dynamic with each new device added, all while consumer energy bills continue to soar to record-breaking highs.


percent of all UK rooftops

made economically viable for solar


John is a four-time founder, having previously scaled a defense contracting business to $200 million in revenue

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