Slashing CO2

Founded: 2018

HQ: Gothenburg, Sweden

Fully-electric passenger planes.

Big Picture

Flying made up only 2% of global emissions in 2019, but it’s set to jump 300-700% by 2050. Even with efficiency improvements, aviation alone could eat up a quarter of our total carbon budget if we attempt to limit warming to 1.5ºC. This reality has led to broad consensus on the need to decarbonize aviation, starting with the short-haul flights (1,500km or fewer) that account for 40% of aviation emissions. 

How It Works

Heart is building a 19-seat, fully electric regional airliner with zero operational emissions. It’s also cheaper to operate on a passenger/mile basis. The team is on track to conduct its first flight by 2022 and aims to be certified for commercial air travel by 2026. Beyond Scandinavia, other target markets with robust regional travel include the Eastern United States, New Zealand, and Japan.

Unfair Advantage

They have built the world’s most efficient propulsion system, which will enable unit economics competitive with Jet A-1 fuel. It will also allow the lowest infrastructural footprint of any mode of regional travel. This has led to early traction and extensive support in their first market, the Nordics, where there is a $10 billion opportunity to meet explicit targets to fully decarbonize domestic airline industries. 


Gigatons of CO2e

potentially avoided by 2050


Anders was formerly a Robust Design Engineer at GKN Aerospace and researcher at MIT. He holds three Master’s degrees in astronautics and space engineering, engineering physics, and space technology.


Nigel has over 40 years of experience in aerospace engineering including as the former CTO of Saab Avionics. He also serves an External Expert in Aircraft Design for the European Aviation Safety Agency.

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