Slashing CO2

Founded: 2021

HQ: London, UK

Own your energy.

Big Picture

Over a third of Europe’s power supply comes from fossil fuels. In the UK, the figure is closer to half. Hotter summers, colder winters, and a petro-funded land war have all converged to push Europe’s power prices far past previous records. The weight of these prices has pushed multiple energy providers in the UK and Europe to collapse, leaving millions with little option in choosing their suppliers.

How it Works

Fuse sells clean power to households and businesses through renewable energy tokens. Tokenization is the conversion of something of value into a digital asset usable on blockchain applications. Their tokens are minted through securitized renewable energy PPAs. Much like crypto “stablecoins” are pegged to the value of a dollar, each Fuse token is pegged to 1 watt of power capacity. 

Unfair Advantage

Fuse arbitrages the low cost of renewable power and the high price of retail power to offer consumers commission-free clean energy that saves them money on energy bills. Their model creates a virtuous flywheel of more clean energy and lower prices: with more demand for their clean energy tokens, Fuse can fund more power capacity additions to the network and further reduce costs.


percent of profits

reinvested into low-cost renewables


Alan was Chief Revenue Office, SVP of Operations, and employee #5 at UK neobank Revolut.


Charles led special projects at UK Revolut. He previously graduated top of his class at University College London.

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