Slashing CO2

Founded: 2014

HQ: San Francisco, CA

Energy autopilot for your HVAC.

Big Picture

Air conditioning will increasingly be a necessity for many parts of the world, creating a potentially vicious climate feedback loop. Rising incomes and temperatures in cities around the world are supercharging demand for cool air. This increases grid strain and heat-trapping emissions, further fueling the need for AC. In the middle latitudes, AC isn’t just a luxury, but also a necessity for survival. Without drastic changes, AC will soon eat up a quarter of global electricity consumption.

How it Works

Flair builds hardware for heating and cooling that offers the precision, comfort, and efficiency of central HVAC systems, at a fraction of the cost, space, and labor. Their package of software and hardware turns virtually any installed residential HVAC system into smart devices. Aggregating enough devices enables Flair to offer grid services to utilities by balancing supply and demand.

Unfair Advantage

They are partnering with grid operators that control 65% of China’s electricity system. China already has more AC units installed than North America, Europe, South America, Africa, and the Middle East combined. Powering them all sucks up more power than the UK uses annually. Flair’s solution can slash emissions from a coal-heavy grid while providing flexibility for renewables.


Gigatons of CO2e

potentially avoided by 2050


Dan previously built out data systems to fuel growth at ChannelQ. He built the first Flair prototypes for his own apartment in Chicago.


Kenny was previously a software engineer at Microsoft. Before that, he was a hardware engineer consultant at S&C electric company.

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