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Founded: 2020

HQ: Skagit County, WA

Robots saving water and farms.

Big Picture

Much of the world will feel climate change primarily through water. In the Western U.S., the past 20 years were the driest in over 1,200 years. As water tables plummet and droughts intensify, farms –responsible for 90% of water demand–must adapt. Yet, despite decades of agricultural innovation, 85% of all irrigation still involves the millenia-old practice of flooding fields with vast quantities of water.

How it Works

Today, farms lose as much as 50% of water drawn to manual, outdated, and inefficient irrigation. FarmHQ develops universal IoT retrofits for irrigation equipment that provide real-time visibility and remote control for on-field technology. The 4G LTE-connected devices enable farmers to remotely access and control equipment anywhere they could make a phone call.

Unfair Advantage

FarmHQ’s universal retrofits can be installed by farmers on irrigation equipment of any make, model, or age. Each device saves farmers 10x its cost in diesel fuel, labor, and water all while preventing thousands of dollars of crop loss. They generate data on yield, water flows, crop health, and more on highly granular spatial and temporal resolutions, giving farmers visibility they’ve never had.


Million gallons

of water saved by FarmHQ devices to date


David is a fourth-generation farmer who previously spent four years at Amazon after earning a PhD in Solid State Chemistry at Johns Hopkins.


Connor is a fourth-generation farmer who previously spent multiple years as a software engineer. He holds a Physics degree from Reed College.

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