Slashing CO2

Founded: 2020

HQ: Oslo, Norway

Universal API for EV charging.

Big Picture

Today’s grids aren’t prepared for the billions of electric vehicles, home solar systems, heat pumps, and smart appliances set to come online in the coming decades. Shifting flexible demand like when EVs charge or air conditioners run to when overall grid demand is lowest not only reduces burden on the grid, it also saves consumers lots of cash. A core challenge is integrating every new make, model, and brand. 

How it Works

Enode’s API virtualizes the grid, acting as the connective tissue between energy suppliers and the end-use consumer hardware devices they power. With just a few lines of code, energy suppliers gain optimization precision through demand response, virtual power plants, and smart charging. Consumers save on their bills while gaining the ability to seamlessly manage all their devices on one app.

Unfair Advantage

Their API integrates across brand, make, and model of virtually every EV on the road. Next comes alternative hardware devices like heat pumps and home solar plus storage systems. For energy suppliers, the alternative used to be hiring a third party or a team of software engineers to build out their own APIs. Now Enode offers a constantly expanding product with a low fixed cost per device. 


EVs & devices

integrated into a single API


Henrik previously co-founded and sold a B2B API company, before which he was an energy consultant.


Thorvald co-founded a B2B sales API company before which he was an energy consultant at BCG.


Nikolai has nearly a decade of experience as a technical lead for several startups.

Enode’s growth is accelerating


The Enode trio became entrepreneurs the same day the government closed the country

Dagens Næringsliv

Using electricity at different times of day could save us billions of dollars


Solutions: Grid Flexibility

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