Slashing CO2

Founded: 2023

HQ: Washigton, DC

Unlocking the IRA’s trillions.

Big Picture

Tax credits kickstarted the US clean energy boom. Lower tax bills sparked a green feedback loop of lower costs, greater deployment, rinse and repeat. Trillions-with-a-T are flowing into clean energy, an already- exponential curve bent further by the Inflation Reduction Act. Credits are now heftier, wider, and transferable, allowing clean energy developers to cut tax bills and sell extra credits to any entity looking to do the same. 

How it Works

Crux makes clean energy finance dead simple, starting with transferable tax credits. Crux’s digital marketplace and toolset standardize, derisk, streamline credit trading and transactions. Developers gain access to aggregated demand and improved pricing for their credits. Investors gain access to standardized and pain-free credit buying opportunities as well as centralized and simplified portfolio reporting.

Unfair Advantage

Crux maximizes value and liquidity for clean energy developers and investors. This will grow more crucial as clean energy’s rapid ascent drives gradually lower project IRRs. Efficient credit trading attracts supply and demand initially and spurs network effects of ever greater speed, efficiency, certainty, and transparency. All this lays the groundwork for a one-stop shop for seamless clean energy project financing.


trillion dollars

worth of credits unlocked by the Inflation Reduction Act


Alfred spent the last 15 years at the intersection of finance, software, and policy. Most recently, Albert was Deputy Chief of Staff to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. He previously co-founded and sold Mobilize, a political fundraising app.


Allen previously co-founded and sold Mobilize, a political fundraising app. He is an investor and advisor to multiple climate startups. He also worked on Special Projects for the Hillary for America campaign.

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