Slashing CO2

Founded: 2016

HQ: London, UK

Crystal ball for climate risk.

Big Picture

Climate uncertainty costs us billions today, and that figure could rise into the trillions of dollars in the near future. Despite these foreseeable risks, decision-makers and asset owners still rely on scarce and fragmented data to understand their level of climate exposure. In light of this, demand is rising for ways to measure vulnerability to climate risk, especially for companies whose operations span the globe. 

How it Works

Cervest is building EarthScan, an open platform that automatically quantifies and standardizes asset-level risks globally. Their probabilistic models integrate multiple resolutions of otherwise fragmented data to generate decision-ready insights from days to decades out. These tools enable customers to improve their operational resilience, and inform near- and long-term strategy. 

Unfair Advantage

Cervest’s Earth Science AI generates science-backed climate signals for any physical asset on Earth, from buildings to forests. Their Bayesian framework unifies multiple earth sciences to generate historical, forecasted, and simulated risks on assets while learning across millions of locations worldwide. This deep foundation in science powers AI recommendations to build true climate readiness.

Portrait Photo of Cervest CEO and Founder Iggy Bassi

Iggy’s previous sustainable agribusiness venture, GADCO, secured >$20M from BMGF, Acumen Fund, Soros, Root Capital, Syngenta, and the World Bank.

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