Slashing CO2

Founded: 2019

HQ: London, UK

Cleaning up dirty supply chains.

Big Picture

Piece by piece, governments around the world are placing stricter regulations on emissions of greenhouse gases, including actual carbon prices. For such regulations to work, everyone–from the regulated industries to the banks that finance them–must operate with a common understanding of how to assign custody for every ton of CO2 emitted. For many industries, the tools for this simply don’t exist.

How it Works

CarbonChain builds models that measure CO2 emissions arising from supply chain operations of the global commodities sector. It isn’t enough just to know the average emissions from aluminum smelting, but to track down the electricity provider to every aluminum smelter so that they can reliably report the embedded emissions in a single can of Coke or cup of coffee. 

Unfair Advantage

In focusing on commodities, they have built up supply chain data for industries emitting 50% of global CO2. This includes cataloging and modeling the emissions profile of every piece of equipment used in heavy industry. The result is that they can pinpoint lower-emitting manufacturers or shipping routes for customers, reducing the risk of carbon pricing and unlocking cheaper financing. 


% of global CO2e

covered with their models today


Adam has moved millions of tons of ore around the world at Rio Tinto and millions of parcels at Amazon as the supply chain manager for 8 countries.

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Roheet has over a decade of experience helping business grow across the world with BCG to to managing Amazon UK’s smart home business.

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CarbonChain is using AI to determine the emissions profile of the world’s biggest polluters