Slashing CO2

Founded: 2021

HQ: Fremont, CA

Iceberg-saving cold chain.

Big Picture

As demand for fresh produce and biopharma distribution grows, the global market for cold chain logistics will boom. But outdated and inefficient cold chain infrastructure contributes to spoilage, waste, and refrigerant leakage. In developed economies, the cold chain can account for up to 3.5% of CO2e emissions, which is a daunting prospect as more emerging countries adopt and scale cold chain technology.

How it Works

Artyc is revolutionizing cold chain tech with hyper-efficient modular, battery-powered thermoelectric coolers. Their hardware is equipped with a suite of onboard sensors and feeds into a cloud software platform that allows for unprecedented insight into how cold chain shipments are moving through the black box of the logistics value chain allowing emissions monitoring and planning improvements.

Unfair Advantage

The team of hardware veterans have spent almost two decades working in the battery & logistics markets as serial entrepreneurs. They share a deep knowledge of manufacturing, supply chains, and reverse logistics. Their cooler design is years ahead of the market and as its adoption grows, so does their dataset, enabling non-linear improvements in visibility and tracking across the cold chain.


Times more efficient

than a refrigerated shipping container


Before co-founding Artyc, Hannah was COO & co-founder of EcoFlow, a venture-backed company building portable electric generators.


Prior to Artyc, Mark was CTO at Amelia where he built electric, autonomous cargo drones. Before that, he was a SW engineer at NASA.

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