Slashing CO2

Founded: 2018

HQ: Berkeley, CA

Batteries that make solar work 24/7.

Big Picture

Heavy industry runs on heat and power from fossil fuels because they’re very cheap and burn hot. This drives nearly one-third of all emissions. Even as new wind farms and solar arrays fall below the cost of existing fossil fuel plants, 100% clean power will stay out of reach until we can store energy when the wind dies down or cloudy skies block out the sun. In parallel, we need CO2-free heat that competes on cost. 

How it Works

Antora makes heat and power from renewables at prices cheaper than burning gas. They do it with thermal batteries that soak up excess solar and wind power by heating ultra-cheap, widely available carbon blocks. The thermal energy can be stored for 10 to 100 hours and then turned back into electricity, steam, or industrial heat up to 1500ºC, all at a storage cost below $10/kWh.

Unfair Advantage

Antora has demonstrated the highest efficiency solid-state heat engine in history. This superpower enables the deployment of energy storage so cheap that it competes with natural gas — a price point more than 10x lower than lithium-ion batteries. This will bring down the price of clean heat and power with storage below the all-in cost of fossil fuel energy, thus enabling 100% carbon-free energy.


Percent cheaper

than lithium-ion for >100 hours of storage


Andrew previously founded Dragonfly Systems, a power electronics startup acquired by Sunpower.


Before co-founding Antora, Justin completed a PhD in applied physics at Stanford University.


Before co-founding Antora, David completed a PhD in mechanical engineering at MIT.

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