Lowercarbon Capital backs kickass companies that make real money slashing CO2 emissions, sucking carbon out of the sky, and buying us time to unf**k the planet.

Fixing the planet is just good business. Shame and guilt won’t get us there, markets will.

Exhibit A: 

You can’t get to better, faster, cheaper by continuing to burn old dinosaur bones.

Our companies combine hard science with some bonkers ambition to tackle three things:

Slashing new CO2.

Until new emissions hit zero, temperatures will keep going up. So we are funding technologies that reduce sources of carbon dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gases. From energy and transportation, to industrial materials and agriculture, we’re on it.

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Sucking up carbon.

We have to figure out how to hit Ctrl+Z on decades worth of carbon pollution. Even if we zeroed out emissions overnight, there is already enough CO2 swirling around the atmosphere to cause irreparable damage to life on Earth. Give or take, we’ll need to suck at least a trillion tons of CO2 out of the sky between now and 2100. In progress.

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Buying more time.

These temps, fires, droughts, and storms are no accident and will only get worse. Crossing fingers we can remove carbon fast enough. But in case huge breakthroughs don’t come together in time, we’re looking at ways to cool the planet to buy more time for the people, plants, and animals on the front lines.

We believe our founders are out-of-this world, they think we are too.

The Lowercarbon team will do whatever it takes to support their portfolio, from the inception of an idea to the national launch of a product. It’s clear their passion and experience as climate investors are equally matched with their ability to hustle and push to get the best out of and for the teams they invest in. Harry and I are deeply appreciative of Clay and Chris for enabling us to build this breakthrough business.

Matt Rogers, Co-founder and CEO of Mill and Co-founder of Nest

Since they led our seed round, we have been amazed by their continued advice and the ecosystem of founders and industry experts they have created around them, and we sincerely appreciate being part of it. Their team provides very impactful guidance and hands-on help during our formal check-ins or spontaneous discussions. I would strongly recommend Lowercarbon as a top-choice partner to any climate tech founder and personally love their growing role in our venture as it scales.

Sarah Lamaison, Co-founder and CEO of Dioxycle, CO2 reborn as fuel

The team at Lowercarbon is a rare mix of visionary, analytical, generous, and no bullshit. They were investors in my last company from beginning to exit. And, it is my great fortune to call them partners as we build Crux to drive hundreds of billions into clean energy and decarbonization.

Alfred Johnson, Co-founder and CEO of Crux, Unlocking the IRA’s trillions

Having raised $200m+ from dozens of VCs over the last decade, I felt Lowercarbon was the obvious choice when I made my personal pivot into climate change. When I was raising the seed round for Safi, they were the only VCs who truly understood the scale of our vision—and have been a joy to work with so far. For Isometric, they helped me iterate on my thesis, connected me to my Head of Science, and introduced me to key clients—all before they offered me a term sheet.

Eamon Jubbawy, Founder and CEO of Isometric, Carbon removal referees

Climate on the mind?

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If you’re a badass developing technology to heal the planet, and people tell you it’s crazy, we’d love to see it.

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