Cash Cools Everything Around Me.

Well, Lowercarbon now has another $800 million, in fiat, to keep unfucking the planet.

It turns out that raising for a climate fund in the context of an unprecedented heatwave and from behind the thick clouds of fire smoke probably didn’t hurt. In fact, all that pollution may have lent a warm, beautifying haze to our Zoom calls. Like an Incendiary Doom Glow Insta filter.

Ultimately, we had to wrap up fundraising just a few days after starting and say ‘no thanks’ to some very flattering offers so we could keep the funds small enough to be collaborative with other investors. I’m mentioning this to encourage any of you looking to start your own climate fund. (Yes, I’m actively urging more competition.) There is massive unmet demand for climate investments, and humanity’s only shot is if we get as many people and as many resources focused on solutions. So, giddyup!

We are thrilled to see how many investors understand the urgency of the climate crisis and are already dedicating their time, as well as their capital, to real solutions. However, to be frank, we were also heartened by those investors who actually don’t care that much about the planet and instead are just chasing financial returns. Of course, that’s part of our underlying thesis: Massive change will happen because these types of investments will pay off for sheer business reasons alone. Thus, for everyone emotionally unburdened by the existential crisis facing all living things on the planet, welcome!

The latest once-only-every-seven-years IPCC report on the state of the climate was indeed bleak, but it also crystallized the opportunities ahead. During a time when it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the news, our companies and the talent involved make us optimistic and proud. Maybe it’s time for you to feel the same way about your job and join one of them.

Better yet, there has never been a better time to start a company focused on emissions reduction or actively removing carbon already in the atmosphere. The total addressable markets are literally the biggest in history and we have no doubt that multitrillion-dollar market caps are just up ahead. When you’ve got something to show, you know where to find us.

For now, we all just want to say thank you. Your passionate support of Lowercarbon and your eagerness to heal this planet have me as excited as I’ve been in a decade and our entire squad is fired up. 

Let’s go,